Kona Equity

Kona Equity invests in, empowers, and grows companies that are reinventing industries and catalyzing change.

About Us

Kona Equity is the latest micro private equity firm and the first in Hawaii on the Big Island. These guidelines introduce Kona Equity’s fund identity, and how we will operate. Our identity is inspired by the tactility of our targeted companies, and the luxury touch that makes each business unique and valuable. Kona Equity is our promise of quality, wherever you see us, you will feel right at home. 

The Problem: Not all companies are venture fundable. There is a growing cohort of founders who cannot take their company to the next level with the existing resources. They have valuable assets with urgent timelines.

The Solution:  Entrepreneurial partners with expertise in growing companies identify opportunities that fit our thesis and move quickly to acquire companies within 30 days. Core verticals create a flywheel effect that drives incremental value across portfolio companies fueling more investments and opportunities.

Investment Criteria

We have specific criteria when looking at companies. If this criterion sounds like a fit for you, then please get in touch.

Company Cycle

Early Stage, Founder Led, Bootstrapped, and Profitable.

Porter’s 5 Forces

Competitive rivalry, Supplier Power, Buyer Power, Threat of Substitutes, and Barriers to Entry.

Geographic Focus

English focused with capped exposure to the rest of the world.

Growth Potential

We see investments as an opportunity to fulfill a founder’s legacy. Acquisitions have 100% reinvestment of profits in at least the first two-quarters post-acquisition. We look for companies that are catalyzing change in an industry. The size of the problem is the size of the opportunity.

Product Type

We focus on brands that touch the hearts and souls of the customers. Thematic investments we are interested in: Art, aviation, collectibles, fashion, gaming, hospitality, real estate, sports, watches, jewelry, yachting, and broad technology.


We collaborate on creating compelling value creation opportunities throughout our investment. Together, we develop and execute industry sector acquisition strategies that deliver significant, measurable value for management, partners and all shareholders. What differentiates Kona from other investment firms is our sector-led approach and nimble approach with deep focus. We focus on what a company can become rather than what it is today.

To grow our companies we focus on the following value-adding activities:

  • Centralizing operations and Headquarters
  • Recruiting management as well as a modern CEO
  • Motivating the sales team
  • Creating a strong brand identity and visual system
  • Augmenting public relations
  • Growing 3 equal revenue streams

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