Kona’s interests are to take ownership of growing bootstrapped luxury brands with under 1 million dollars in annualized revenue. Kona Equity is an expressive, micro-cap private equity firm that acts as the luxury signature for the brands we invest in. Kona Equity mirrors the characteristics of our portfolio companies whilst also building Kona Equity out as a recognizable separate entity.

Accelerated Acquisition

Acquiring a business will take less than one month.

Day 0

Sourcing through brokers, product curators, inbound requests, and “bounty” programs.

Days 1 – 7

Negotiations begin. Approve the current technological stack, product roadmap, business strategy, Porter’s 5 forces and financials.

Days 8 – 10

Detailed negotiations take place with quantitative and qualitative analysis.

Days 21 – 25

The assets are placed in Escrow and the deal is finalized.

Days 26 – 30

Assets and Intellectual Property are transferred.

The Kona Advantage

Process Dynamics

Friendly founder-to-founder transactions.

Transaction Speed

Less than 30 days from deal sourcing to close.

Partner Experience

Expertise in entrepreneurial companies.