2020 is going to be a big year for Kona Equity.

Although the macro view of the US economy is “interesting,” the companies we are looking to buy are driving right through the chaos and building some amazing businesses.

We have a healthy pipeline of deals coming in and we will be patient but hopeful as we diligence a number of new companies. We are confident that while the US economy still shows bearish times are ahead, there are some solid fundamentals that will create very interesting acquisition and majority investment opportunities for us. Companies who were previously keen to raise big venture rounds may be looking to de-risk, or want a longer-term, patient capital partner that is unique in the market. We’ve got it.

We are continuing to learn a lot about how to find and buy great companies, but we need others to help.


  • Places Kona’s success above individual interests. Embodies a “team player”.
  • Treats all individuals with the highest level of fairness and respect.
  • Always exhibits the highest standards of reliability, honesty, and integrity.

Help us on our mission to invest in, empower, and grow luxury companies that are reinventing industries and catalyzing change!

Looking for Kona Fellows

We invest in and grow companies at the forefront of change, and our success is dependent on our people. The Kona Fellows program is designed to ensure we are creating opportunities for those who are interested in private equity after graduation. Through this program, candidates have the opportunity to learn, grow, and gain hands-on experience at an investment firm during a spring/summer internship.