To grow over the course of 3 to 5 years, we focus on a loop of making over a business, adding value, and going back to the market. The strategies we employ are as follows:

  • Centralizing operations and Headquarters
  • Recruiting management and a professional CEO
  • Motivating the sales team
  • Creating a strong brand identity and visual system
  • Augmenting public relations
  • Growing 3 equal revenue streams
  • Optimize business practices in the lead-to-cash lifecycle
  • Implement win/loss customer insights process
  • Audit & upkeep client health score and improve client’s health through Heal Desk
  • Operationalize NPS and ensure there is a feedback loop from clients, through client success, directly to Product
  • Delivery high quality research to the public
  • Ongoing thought leadership from blogging

To realize the value of our investments, we determine critical and well-defined milestones for each portfolio company to kick off the sale process. We engage sourcing relationships for the sale of a business which should take less than 6 months.